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Aquatec Pumps Owns and operates a Schramm T450 Drilling Rig.


Aquatec Pumps specialize in the supply, repair and maintenance of pumps for Agriculture, Industry, Rural and Domestics.


  • Monitoring boreholes for pollution, spillages and contamination.
  • Hydrocarbon site investigation drilling-service station, bulk fuel depot's, railway sites, transfer pipe lines.
  • Installing monitoring wells to measure the quality of ground water in situations where contamination is suspected or known.
  • Exploration drilling for refuse waste disposal sites.
  • Exploration drilling for cemetery sites.
  • Exploration drilling for site remediation.
  • Multi-borehole installation to sample ground water at closely spaced intervals for investigation and remediation systems.
  • Decommissioning and sealing/grouting of boreholes.
  • Borehole drilling for community & rural water supply.
  • Production boreholes for town water supply.
  • Rotary air percussion drilling ------consolidated formations


The test pumping of boreholes is an important part of the borehole development. Test pumping aims to promote the efficient use of groundwater. The purpose of test pumping is to determine:-

The Performance Characteristics of Borehole
Hydraulic Parameters of the Aquifer
Safe Yield & Abstraction schedules of Boreholes
Effective Development of the aquifer
Contamination & Pollution of Groundwater The yield of boreholes is tested on comple- tion of the well development prior to the selection of a pumping system.

Our Test Pumps are capable of operating from up to 200 Meter Depths, Pumping Volumes from 0.5 litres per second to a maximum of 30 litres per second.



Hand Pumps remain the most cost effective means of providing safe, portable water to ru- ral communities. It is imperative that a program of Repair and Maintenance of Hand Pumps is properly managed and executed by reputable contractors.



Aquatec Pumps has the skill to construct and maintain water reticulation schemes. These projects aim to provide portable water to entire communities via a network of pipes and tap points.

Reticulation from boreholes is by diesel or electrically driven pumps.
Spring development is also a cost effective and economically viable reticulation develop- ment.
Reticulating from a river or dam is also an alternative but may require water treatment and therefore has a higher running cost. Extraction is either electrical or diesel driven.

In small communities, windmills can meet low demands.


Aquatec Pumps has over the years acquired the agency for the Mono Range of Pumps. We also have very strong ties with other Pump Manufacturers , which means we can ser- vice and repair most makes of pumps and allied equipment. We retail all the most popular models as well as we can build pumps to client's requirements and specifications.

We can supply the following types of Pumps:

Positive Displacement( Helical Rotor & Resilient Stator, Screw Type)
Centrifugal Single Stage( End-Suctions , Cast Iron ,Rubber Lined. Stainless Steel) Plunger & Diaphragm(Simplex & Multiplex Types)
Submersible(Turbine & Submersible Motors) Multi-Rotor(Gear, Lobe,)
Dosing Pumps


We have been accredited to act as a Franklin Authorized Service Provider.

Our staff has been trained by Franklin Electric to competently service our customer needs. Our Workshop Facilities provide a perfect base for the Repair of Pumps by Qualified Staff.